How do we work?


Normally the client contacts us to discuss a general organisation & process problem or a new challence which is facing the company.


We suggest to do a quick scan to find out where the biggest problems are.

In a mutual discussion we decide where to put the focus on (process analysis).


We then start to support the company in finding solutions for the specific problem

by executing a detailed (process) analysis together with the responsible manager. Most often meetings with external suppliers will be set up to evaluate the best solution. Finally the solution is mutually presented to the management board. The Institute for BPM provides an external view and functions as a change - agent(process support).


The actual implementation of the solution is mostly done by the responsible manager. Further assisting work is provided with setting up the performance measurement system and with the roll-out of regular 'monthly/quarterly or half year - reviews' to monitor and maintain a continuous and sustainable improvement (process performance).




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