Solution tracks for your Retailing

Do you have Retail Operations problems? Are you lacking resources to speed up your retailing capabilities?


The Institute for Business Process Management helps you to develop and manage your wholesale and retail operations end-to-end: from customer back into design & manufacturing. Our solution tracks focus on: 


1. Retail Sales Productivity                   creating more bestsellers


2. Retail Supply Chain improvement     verticalisation of your business 


3. Retail Customer Satisfaction             SERVQUAL measurement


4. Retail Multi-Channel set-up               e-commerce integration



Optimizing the performance of your retail processes


Optimising the performance of your retail processes is key to create like-for-like retail sales growth. More ‚bestsellers‘ on the retail floor dramatically increase your sales productivity.

The Institute for BPM has a template to introduce and further optimise bestseller management within your organisation.

The faster changing environment and customer demand require end-to-end supply chain thinking and a responsive/agile supply chain set-up.

Multi/Omni-channels and customer satisfaction - measurements are initiatives to further enhance the responsiveness towards your customers.

We can support you with its implementation. Goal is to create a customer oriented—organisation.


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Manufacturing and Retailing  

Export Planning -2nd edition-

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