Solution tracks for your Supply Chain


Do you have Supply Chain problems? Are you lacking resources to speed up your supply chain capabilities?


The Institute for Business Process Management helps you to optimize your supply chain.  We help you to realize a: 


1. Perfect Order Fulfillment                   on time, complete, in full      Short term


2. Supply Chain - Roadmap for 2025     a supply chain strategy         Mid term


Next, we provide support on specific projects like:


. Global E2E                       how to structure and develop a global end-to-end supply chain

. SC planning                     how to improve planning & sales forecasting                   

. SC performance               what KPI's and how to manage your SC partners

. Inventory management     what inventory costs with what service level/stock outs % 

. DC network                      what DC network set-up and capacity analysis

. Outsourcing logistics         what to outsource and how to make it a success

End-to-End Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management -2nd edition- NEW

Fast, flexible supply chains in

Manufacturing and Retailing  

Export Planning -2nd edition-

A 10-step approach