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End-to-End Supply Chain Management -2nd edition- (2020). Joris Leeman


Hardcover and color edition of the book 'Supply chain management - 2nd ed.' 

Supply Chain Management -2nd edition- (2020)    

Joris Leeman


How to develop and implement a successful End-to-End supply chain management - strategy; optimising your processes from manufacturer to retailer.

  • a framework for end-to-end supply chain
  • 10 strategic building blocks
  • 50 lessons learned based on practice experience

Export Planning -2nd edition- (2018)     Joris Leeman 

How to plan and execute internationalisation within your firm. Export Planning follows a 10-step approach, to create your int'l marketing plan.

  • a framework for export planning
  • phases how to set up your export systematically
  • a checklist to review whether you are ready


Supply Chain Management -2nd edition- NEW

Fast, flexible supply chains in

Manufacturing and Retailing  

Export Planning -2nd edition-

A 10-step approach