Your supply chain is a key weapon in creating a competitive advantage


Your supply chain is a key weapon in creating a competitive advantage. Increased requirements from customers with respect to reliable deliveries, higher flexibility and increased responsiveness at lower costs, in an environment where costs are increasing(!), will put your supply chain and logistics processes extremely under pressure. Our institute provides consultancy and training support in the field of supply chain management and logistics.                        


End-to-End Supply Chain


The institute helps you to develop and manage your supply chain end-to-end: from customer back into the factory.


· SCM / Logistics strategy

 Development of a supply chain—platform / strategy for the next 3- 5 years. How

  to serve your customers better at an acceptable cost level. How to create a

  sustainable logistics infrastructure. How to organize the SC-planning process.


· DC Network analysis

 Analysis of the existing and future required logistics network structure for the

  deliveries to the stores and/or customers. Location of distribution center(s).

  Centralized / decentralized DC’s? Transportation set-up and distribution cost



· DC Capacity analysis

 Capacity analysis of the Distribution Center(‘s). Current, maximum and required

  capacity based upon a time productivity data. Current and required throughput

  times and m2 space. Distribution costs analyses. Comparison alternative



· SCM / Logistics performance

  Review of your current SCM and logistics performance and KPI’s used.

  Suggestions how to implement a systematic and continuous performance

  improvement system.  Cash2Cash cycle, OTD, POF, OSA, VAR etc.


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