Retail Supply Chain - deliverables


The institute helps you to develop and manage your wholesale and retail operations end-to-end: from customer back into design & manufacturing.


· Retail Sales Productivity               “Creating more bestsellers”


Merchandise assortment planning and retail productivity. Improving your: sales per m2, stock turn, gross margin, markdown%. Bestseller/Slowseller—analysis. Sales & Operations (S&OPS) planning, Target service levels (stock outs) and  optimal shelf availability (OSA) calculation.


· Retail Supply Chain                        “Verticalisation”


Review of demand- and supply—market conditions and positioning, choice of retail business process model (push, pull, combinations) and retail supply chain strategy. Development of key processes based upon BPM choice, functions, level of IT integration needed and collaborative partner network set-up. Value stream mapping.


· Retail Customer                                “SERVQUAL”


Measurement of service quality. Level of customer orientation and delivery of the promise towards the customer. Systematic methodology to evaluate the promised expectations versus actual experiences. Demand orientated and direct customer feedback. Retail—matrix and Performance mapping.


· Retail Multi—Channel                       “E-commerce integration”


Focus on the logistic set-up of a multi-channel retail operations. Cost/Benefit analysis of multi-channel set-up. Logistics development, reverse flow management, customer– and payment process handling. SOP (standard operating procedures) - manual. KPI’s.


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